Buy a Car

Country Auto Sales

Country Auto Sales is the only place in all of Alberta that will take any crypto (that has proper liquidity) for a used car. Bitcoin Cash is preferred and will always be the cheapest option because it has the lowest risks. The higher the risk on a crypto, the higher the premium on top of your used car. If you want to buy a user car with safemoon (scam) that is possible but you are going to have to pay a really high premium to compensate for our risk.

If you want to buy a used car with Bitcoin Cash or other cryptocurrencies please call +1 403 588 9447 or email us at

  • We accept Bitcoin Cash using a instant transaction up to a 1000 CAD, past a 1000 CAD we require 2 confirmations and past 5000 CAD we require 12 confirmations. A confirmation on average is 10 minutes. But at times a single confirmation can take 4 hours.
  • We do offer charge backs , but this will be the equivalent in CAD, meaning that it we hold your crypto for 10 hours and you change your mind on the deal and want your crypto back you might get back more if the market crashes and less if it moons.
  • We use the BCH to CAD exchange rate that google uses.
  • We require flexibility in making deals with you, in some cases only 50% or 10% of the payment for the car can be in crypto and the rest will need to be CAD depending on the market circumstances.